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I kinda get a hot new computer, but I kinda have to wait until it gets assembled before I can actually use it.  Hence today being my second full day of computer deprivation.  The hard drive we were going to use is kinda crappy because it's serial.  So I might just get my old one, wiped.  Which I'd be okay with... I mean, my old one is only 50 gigs less than the new one.  Plus I might be able to sneak my old smaller hard drive along with it.  Bwahaha.  I <3 desktop computers.

But yeah, the new computer case is one of those short ones, an X-Qpak by Aspire.  It's kinda short and wide and cute.  But it's small, so it's also hard to put together.  Like, the CD drive has to be a certain way to avoid running into the power supply.

I'm excited.  BUT I WANNA PLAY SOME FREAKIN GAMES.  Yesterday I asked something to the effect of "when will it be done?" and dad said, "do you need it for anything?"  And I was good and didn't lie and said "nooo..."  But I think I do.  Computers might or might not be an addiction.  Also, it's my main connection to lots of my friends.  I guess I'll have to call someone.

Update:  Parents are sometimes nosy gits.  My dad was trying to think of a name for my new computer, because he's all paranoid and doesn't like to name our computers after our normal names.  So he thinks, "I wonder what sobekcroc actually is?"  So he googles it.  And of course, I'm the only person on the planet weird enough to use the name, so it leads straight to me on various sites.  I would also like to say here that I think it's sad that if you google my REAL name, you get all kinds of stuff but just about nothing relating to me.  But anyway, what he found was OLD FANFICTION.NET STUFF.  Which has been abandoned for YEARS, FOR A GOOD REASON.  And then he actually read it.  *shame*  And thought it was good, apparently.  And then told me about his whole experience, and that I should write a sci-fi novel and try and get it published.  I don't know anything about the publishing industry, but I have the feeling that the chances are low for 18 year old science majors to get published as paperback writers.  Not to mention that I'd be embarrassed as hell.
The moral of this story is, if your parents are computer-literate, hide yourself well on the internet.  Very well.


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Renee Carmel
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I used to draw a lot. Now I make stuff and usually try to wear it afterwards. I have a BS in Earth Science from UCSC.

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Where are your cosplays lady? Im trying to update my page, feel free to tag yourself in my group picture of us at fanime.
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Actually, I plan to buy a samurai sword when I turn 18 (just so I can draw it!), along with taking over the world.Thanks for the add, by the way.(thumbs up)
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I can spell good!
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